We’ve tried to organize where our data and code are available. Because especially for older papers there isn’t always a link associated with the paper pdf, and because the resources are often not in the journal supplementary material, we’re trying to keep track of things here and also in a collection of tools and data at traitecoevo.  Some of the older supplemental material has moved around and the journal links do not always keep up, so the list below might be useful.

All data and code, not in the paper supplementary material, are linked to below. Please use good attribution practices.

Type of data Source Publication
The adequacy of models of trait evolution Github Pennell et al. 2015
How many of the world’s plant species are woody? Github FitzJohn et al. 2014
Plant species effects on surface fires: data and code to reproduce figures Figshare and Github Cornwell et al. 2015
Which plant species can (and can’t) symbiotically fix Nitrogen DataDryad Werner et al 2014
A database of mycorrhizal associations from the Soviet Union Ecological Archives Soudzilovskaia et al. 2015
Functional traits of California woody plant species Ecological Flora of California and with more hoops in the TRY database Cornwell and Ackerly 2007
An optimality model for the investment in stem tissue in different environmental conditions Figshare Westoby et al. 2012
The evolutionary relationships among 32223 vascular plant species Canonical version from DataDryad. or A version of the main tree with synonymy updated to TPL 1.1 Zanne et al. 2014
Woodiness status for 49061 species DataDryad Zanne et al. 2014
Picante: R tools for integrating phylogenies and ecology CRAN Kembel et al 2010
A trait-based test for habitat filtering: convex hull volume figshare and github Cornwell et al. 2006